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Greetings Harvey Clarke Elementary Community,

My name is Lauren Marie Carroll “Counselor Carroll”. I am excited to be your school counselor at Harvey Clarke Elementary in the Forest Grove community!

I am passionate about students - how they learn, what motivates them, and how I can support them in these foundational years of their academic journey. I believe every child has abilities no matter their age or developmental level. My role as the school counselor is to empathically guide and help students flourish through academic, social/emotional, and college and career readiness supports.

I support these critical aspects of their education through direct services: curriculum, individual planning, and responsive services.


I teach about academic achievement, social/emotional skills, and college and career readiness. This is done in every classroom at Harvey Clarke once a week for 30 minutes. All curricula align with district, state, and national standards for our school counseling program.

I lead small group counseling lessons. They are in the format of a 3-8 person curriculum-based skills group once a week. Students are referred to small group from teachers, specialists, and their families. Students learn about self-regulation, social thinking, feelings, emotional control, and decision making.

Individual planning

I conference with students, families, and staff to meet students’ social/emotional, academic, and future college and career goals. This also includes attending student conferences when requested by families or staff members. Additionally, I meet with students, teachers, families, and other school staff to assist with the transition from grade to grade.

Responsive services

There are times when students need immediate support. In these situations I provide conflict resolution, consultation/collaboration, individual family/school crisis intervention,

referrals to community partners/collaborators/specialists, small group counseling, and short-term individual counseling. If students need long-term counseling, please contact me; community counseling resources can be provided.

In addition to direct services, I am a student advocate. I support students to equitably strive to meet their academic, social/emotional, college and career goals.  As the school counselor, I collect data to interpret student achievement and goals as well as minimize barriers so students can thrive at Harvey Clarke and in the Forest Grove School District. I uphold all ethical standards which includes confidentiality. Lastly, I am a collaborator with students, staff, families, and community members to help all students thrive. We are an educational team!

I sincerely look forward to working with this community and continue to believe in the lives of all children through care and constant support.


Lauren Marie Carroll “Counselor Carroll”

503-359-8152 extension 6228

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to meet please contact me:

503-359-2478 ex 6228