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Counseling Services

Welcome to the Counseling Services Webpage :)  


Surita Mahashi


My name is Surita Mahashi, and I am the School Counselor at Harvey Clarke!


Prior to becoming a part of this vibrant community, I was an English teacher in South Korea, China, and Japan. I graduated from Trinity Washington University in Washington D.C. with a Master's of Arts in School Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling. 


I am dedicated to provide our students with the tools, guidance, and strategies to reach their potential. As an advocate for students, I believe no child should be left behind. Therefore, I am committed to provide our students with an inclusive environment that supports healthy learning.


I support student growth through curriculum, individual planning, and responsive services.

Curriculum: Classroom guidance lessons - Once a week 30 minutes. I facilitate small group counseling lessons where students learn about self-regulation, social thinking, feelings, emotional control, decision making, and mindfulness.

Individual planning

I conference with students, families, and staff to meet students’ social/emotional, academic, and environmental needs. I meet with students, teachers, families, and other school staff to assist with student transitions.

Responsive services

I facilitate restorative peace circles to promote collaborative problem solving. I consultation and collaboration for individual family/school crisis intervention. I provide referrals to community partners/collaborators/specialists, small group counseling, and short-term individual counseling.

I am thrilled to be a part of Harvey Clarke, and the Forest Grove Community. We are a team that cares deeply. If you have any questions, or would like to set up a meeting, please contact me:
phone: 503-359-2478 extension 6228 email: [email protected]
Surita Mahashi :) 


Comprehensive School Counseling Program


Endorsed by the National School Counseling Association(ASCA) & the Oregon School Counseling Association(OSCA)


The purpose of Comprehensive School Counseling Programs include:

  1. Integrated into the entire educational program to reach all students 
  2. Preventive and intervention focused 
  3. Systematically organized by licensed school counselors in collaboration with other professionals 
  4. Accountable and evaluation-based

Comprehensive School Counseling Delivery Systems include two components:


  1. Core Curriculum: Provides content systematically to ALL students in classroom and small groups
  2. Individual Student Planning: assist students develop education, career and personal plans
  3. Responsive Services: addresses immediate concerns of students


  1. Program Planning & School Support: evaluating the school counseling program, 504, TAG, shared responsibilities with all school staff
  2. Referrals, Consultation & Collaboration: interacts with others to provide support for student achievement, meetings/teams